Security Camera Installation & Wiring

In one year, from 2015 to 2016, Statistics Canada’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) in the Abbotsford/Mission area of British Columbia jumped 15%, becoming the 5th highest CSI designation Canada-wide.

As a result, more Fraser Valley homeowners are asking our Abbotsford electricians to install either indoor or outdoor home security camera systems as part of their overall home protection efforts.

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3 Reasons for Hard Wired Security Cameras

If you are contemplating installing a camera surveillance system, security camera wiring will help you capture and playback your recorded video. Hard-wired security cameras are becoming more popular than their wireless counterparts for these 3 reasons:

  1. Hard-wired cameras provide better resolution than wireless cameras. If you are recording a perpetration on your property, the resulting video could make it easier for authorities to identify and capture the parties involved (or their vehicles). This could also mean the difference between recovering and not recovering any items taken during the theft.
  2. Wireless cameras are easily hackable. Hackers can gain access to your network through wireless cameras and then utilize the network as part of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on websites.
  3. Wi-Fi signal strength is often weak on wireless systems. Wireless systems are susceptible to interference from a wide range of devices. This disturbance can affect the reliability and consistency of video being captured by the camera.

Installing Security Camera Wiring

Surface Mount Wiring - Wires for a hard wired security camera system can be surface mounted (on the wall instead of inside the wall) almost anywhere outside the home and lead back to the device that will capture the video feed.

In Wall Wiring - Conversely, wires can also run within the walls, but this is a more challenging installation as walls require openings and the repairs made to those walls once security camera wiring is complete. The best time for installing in wall security camera cable is during new construction or a renovation.

Siamese Cable – This is becoming more popular for camera installation because of the power supply and the video feed traveling through the same cable. Siamese cable makes installation much easier. Connectors are spliced directly onto the cable and allow installers to adapt the cable to the device being used to power and capture the video.

Connectors most often used are either BNC Connectors or RCA Connectors, depending on the available outlets on the back of the electronic device doing the capturing.

BNC & RCA Wiring Connectors

BNC Connectors -  These are quick disconnect connectors used with coaxial cable that achieve a connection with a simple 1/4 turn. The BNC connector is often used to collect the video coming from the camera.

RCA Connectors -  These are the red, white, and yellow connectors you may already be familiar with. RCA connectors have been in use since the 1940s as a reliable means of interconnecting various devices to pass audio and video signals between those devices.

BNC to RCA Adapters - Should a device have connectors different than the connections to the camera, BNC to RCA Adapters can be used. Our Abbotsford electricians can also splice them into the wire when needed.

Security Camera Testing and Mounting

Before securing the security camera in its desired position, the camera is hooked up and the security camera wiring is tested. This ensures that the wiring installation is complete and correctly installed and that the camera is fully operational.

Whether an indoor or outdoor security camera installation, where the camera is mounted will depend on the purpose, and where it makes the most sense to achieve the protection you are looking for.

Favorite Security cameras locations often include:

  • Near the front door of the home
  • Inside the home (usually in children’s rooms)
  • Overlooking a swimming pool
  • At entrance points not visible from the street
  • Commanding a view of valued items (such as firearms, a safe or even a jewelry box)

Wherever you plan to mount your security camera system, be sure to use a hard wired camera for safety, and ensure that your security camera wiring is installed by a professional electrician.

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