Leasehold Improvements Electrician

Generally, the tenant pays for leasehold improvements that enhance the commercial space or building they are renting, including tenant electrical upgrades. 

If you need an Abbotsford electrician for leasehold improvements for any commercial property within the Fraser Valley, including Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Aldergrove, or Langley, give us a call.

Electrical Leasehold Improvements 
and Commercial Wiring Upgrades
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Qualified Leasehold Improvements Electrical

Safety is our top priority and professionalism is the backbone of our Abbotsford electrical business. All of our electrical upgrades are performed in accordance with the Safety Standards General Regulation, the Safety Standards Act, the Electrical Safety Regulation, and the 2015 BC Electrical Code Changes.

When you need qualified leasehold improvements, the electrical work we do will be done on time and to code. We’ll provide you with a quote and work within your budget to keep your tenant improvement electrical costs reasonable.

Electrical Leasehold Improvement Types

Premium Electric warranties all the electrical upgrades that we do and guarantees your complete satisfaction with our electrical services. Here are some of the most common types of electrcial leasehold improvements we do for Fraser Valley businesses.

Commercial Wiring Upgrades – Many commercial buildings that are 40 years old or older could have aluminum wiring, or wiring that is deteriorated and unstable. Most have no GFCI outlets installed and may even have only 2-prong outlets. Along with wiring upgrades, electrical leasehold improvements can also include dedicated outlets for your business needs, as well as surge protectors.

Electrical Panel Upgrades – Many older commercial buildings may also have older electrical panels that won’t be able to handle the electrical needs of your modern business. Ask us about elelctrical panel upgrades.  

Commerical Lighting Upgrades – Many business onwers choose to replace old fluorescent lighting with brighter, more energy efficient (and cost efficient) LED-based lighting systems. Energy efficient ballast replacement is another electrical leasehold improvemnet you might consider.

Security Camera Wiring – Ask us about professional indoor and outdoor security camera wiring and installation. Commercial video surveillance will not only help to deter theft, but can also help authorities  identify and capture the perpetrators.

Electrical Code Upgrades – Leasehold improvements that are up to code help prevent elecrical hazards. This is extremely important for businesses not only to minimze the risk of injury, loss, and libability, but also to keep your employees and customers safe.

Contact Premium Electric

Our Abbotsford electricians are available 24-7 and we also offer 24-hour emergency electrical services.

We will work with your general contractors, designers, and architects (and within your scheduling guidelines) to complete the electrical leasehold improvements as needed, with minimal interruption to your business operations.

Our electricians have over 30 years of combined electrical experience and have completed electrical leasehold improvements for a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, prisons, nightclubs, and even large-scale, commercial-grade ventures.

For more information about any of our electrical services, including qualified leasehold improvements, please contact us online, send us an email, or call us directly at 604-308-6195.